Sunday, October 27, 2013

Delta Search ( occupies your web browsers after you download or install something? Do you feel annoyed about the constant redirect to Delta Search ( Cannot remove it via the antivirus programs since they can find nothing related to Delta Search ( Do you want to know a safe way to remove it completely? Please review the post to know more.
Delta Search ( Introduction:
Delta Search is a search engine that has clearly gone too far. It's obvious that this potentially unwanted program is used by its owners to promote commercial sites that try to sell useless goods and services. For that, Delta Search returns forged search results that clearly differ from the ones that are displayed by Google. Besides, it initiates annoying redirections what lets us put it not only to the category of adwares, but to the list of browser hijackers as well. As soon as this virus gets inside the system, it alters the part of computer's settings, such as the default search engine, bookmarks or homepage. Besides, it affects all Internet browsers and displays its 'official' site every time you open a new tab on IE, Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox.
Infected Symptoms:
  • Delta Search ( can redirect you to malicious websites with numerous pop up ads to interrupt and stop you from doing anything on your computer;
  • Delta Search ( can turn your computer to run slowly and pose sudden death;
  • Delta Search ( can introduce more unwanted viruses and ransomware to do further harms;
  • Delta Search ( can help cyber criminals track your online activities and capture significant personal data to cause you a loss of value.
  • Delta Search ( can change your default DNS configuration and block you accessing your favorite sites.
  • Delta Search ( forcibly customizes the default homepage, search engine and bookmarks of your computer.
How to remove Delta Search (
Remove Delta Search ( from Web Browsers
*Remove Delta Search ( from Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Open Internet Explorer, click on the "gear icon" (Tools for Windows XP users) at the top (far right), then click again on "Internet Options".
  • In the Internet Options dialog box, click on the Advanced tab, then click on the Reset button.
  • In the Reset Internet Explorer settings section, check the "Delete personal settings" box, then click on Reset.
  • When Internet Explorer finishes resetting, click Close in the confirmation dialogue box and then click OK.
  • Close and open Internet Explorer.
*Remove Delta Search ( from Mozilla Firefox
  • At the top of the Firefox window, click the "Firefox button", go over to the "Help" sub-menu (on Windows XP, click the Help menu at the top of the Firefox window), and select "Troubleshooting Information".
  • Click the "Reset Firefox" button in the upper-right corner of the "Troubleshooting Information" page.
  • To continue, click "Reset Firefox" in the confirmation window that opens.
  • Firefox will close and be reset. When it’s done, a window will list the information that was imported. Click "Finish"
*Remove Delta Search ( from Google Chrome
  • Remove Delta Search ( extensions from Google Chrome.
  • Click the Chrome menu button on the browser toolbar, select "Tools" and then click on "Extensions".
  • In the "Extensions" tab, remove (by clicking on the Recycle Bin) the "Proxy Tool, PortaldoSites Toolbar, Yontoo, BrowserProtect" and any other unknown extensions from Google Chrome.
  • Set Google Chrome default search engine from Delta Search ( to Google.
  • Click the Chrome menu button, then select "Settings" and click on "Manage search engines" in the Search section.
  • In the Search Engines dialog that appears, select "Google" and click the "Make Default" button that appears in the row.
  • Search for Delta Search ( in the Search Engines list, and click the X button that appears at the end of the row.
  • Change Google Chrome homepage from Delta Search ( to its default.Click the Chrome menu button, then select Settings and click on "One the New Tab page" in the "On Startup" section.
Run a computer scan with YAC virus removal tool
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